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Let yourself be guided along a path full of new tastes and experiences and record every wine you meet along the way. The best thing about tasting is that nothing is impossible, we all have slightly different tastes and it is so extremely interesting to try to name them and find order in them.


The world of wine is huge and offers countless opportunities for discovery and knowledge. A thousand and one tastes, various color options and a completely different story can be hidden under a single wine name. Mastering this amount takes time and effort. So let's start with the most important thing - your tastes. Join us and fully immerse yourself in the world of wine, experiment and name different tastes. Master your taste buds and become a connoisseur!

Sit back and journal all the amazing bottles that come your way. With the wine tasting diary in A5 format, we will become the master of your tastes and memory forever.


72 complete entries (both sides)


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